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HY-6083 substrate wetting additive

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During the application of liquid water-based industrial coatings on surfaces of substrate, many surface defects will occur, due to its high surface tensions. In order to improve or even prevent these surface defects ,a variety of substrate wetting additives which can lower the surface tensions of coating will be used in coating.  

HY-6083, offered by Mayor, is an excellent substrate wetting additive, which is mainly composed of polyether - silicone copolymer, has very low surfaces tensions. Besides enable uniform wetting for coatings even on very low energy such as plastics, materials, and contaminated surfaces, it can also prevent surface defects,  promote the liquidity and leveling, reduce the viscosity of coating, while has no effect on the adhesion between the coating layer or secondary re-painted, especially it shows no foam stability in coating.  HY-6083 is be welcomed by customers in water-based industrial coating, water-based wood coatings, automotive coatings, wood furniture coatings, plastic coatings, water-based printing paste. For samples or more imformations , please visit our official website: . Tel: 010-84933769 .