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Typical physical and chemical parameters: Composition Alcohol esters Appearance Colorless transparent liquid Active content 98% Specific gravity 1.02-1.10 Application: Suitable for water-based paint system. Dosage:Amount of HY-1800 can b

Product Parameters

Typical physical and chemical parameters: 



Suitable for water-based paint system.


Amount of HY-1800 can be adjusted at any time according to different types of emulsions and different temperature of construction at any time. It is recommended that HY-1800 dosage is equivalent to 2-7% of the emulsion content.


HY-1800 can be used at any stage of production of paint. Coalescent can be added after the emulsion was added. Dosage of HY-1800 depends on the Tg values of emulsion polymer. Higher Tg values require more amount HY-1800 to achieve the desired film effect.


1.A good coalescence function for acrylic, styrene-acrylic, vinyl acetate-acrylic acid emulsion polymer particles, so as to form a continuous paint film.

2.Significantly reduce the minimum film forming temperature of latex paint to prevent cracking and improve the workability.

3.Can improve weather resistance, scrub resistance, leveling and other film properties.

4.Can improve the gloss and color uniformity of the paint film.



Should be stored in dry, cool and ventilated place. Preserved under normal temperature and be airtight.

Avoid freeze.









            Samples                                                              20/25/30kgs                                        180/200/230kgs

  Packing: drums with palletized and shrink wrapped on pallets.